Researching, designing and scaling
new technologies for education


We conduct rigorous research and partner with practitioners and policy makers

in school systems around the world to advance and scale STEM education

that is Constructionist, Student-Centered, Equitable and Inclusive.


We conduct research on the teaching and learning of STEM disciplines.


We translate research innovations into practice through partnerships with educators and policy makers internationally.

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Policy Makers

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Recent News


With a $2 million NSF grant, TC’s Paulo Blikstein hopes to turn kids into investigators.


Faculty and students at two TC research labs have teamed up with a local business to make and distribute shields and other gear to provide personal protection for doctors who intubate COVID patients

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TLTL Faculty Director Paulo Blikstein discusses the need for investment in university based research.


Working with the city/municipality of Sobral in the Ceara state of Brazil, the TLTL is designing and piloting a new science program for Brazilian primary and middle schools.


TLTL Faculty Director Paulo Blikstein and others weigh in on the risk of a radical shift to online education after the crisis ends.

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Harvard and Northwestern Assistant Professors Bertrand Schneider and Marcelo Worsley completed their PhD programs at the TLTL. Read about their work.


The research arm of the Italian Ministry of Education, and the TLTL are working to redesign pre-university science education in Italy by challenging children to examine relationships between physical experiments and theoretical computer models in parallel.


TLTL Partners With UNESCO, WISE Foundation and TC to Sponsor the ‘AI in Education’ Conference.