Project Dates: 2019-Present

A Curricula for Constructionist Computer Science

Making with Code is a set of free, open-source computer science courses and related curriculum. The central goal is to create a rich, diverse community of people making things with code, through which they can develop personal relationships with powerful ideas. The courses are designed to help all students learn to interact with code as an expressive, evocative medium, which helps to structure thought. At the same time, the courses are designed to support computational literacy, connecting with students’ existing ways of reading and writing.

The course is guided by several core beliefs about learning:

  • Knowledge is constructed, not transferred. Every learner builds knowledge anew.
  • Knowledge-building is social and grounded in people, places, and materials.
  • At its heart, computer science is about getting to know powerful ideas. This happens best when working on projects that matter to you and your peers.

This course is designed for students who have no prior formal exposure to computer science, but who have substantial experience with computing in and out of school. The course is expected to be part of a grade 9-12 sequence, culminating in IB computer science exams and preparation for participation in university-level computer science for students who choose to continue study.


Proctor, C., Han, J., Wolf, J., Ng, K., Blikstein, P. (2020). Recovering Constructionism in computer science: Design of a ninth-grade introductory computer science course. In Proceedings of the 2020 Constructionism Conference. Dublin, Ireland: University of Dublin.

Team Members

Chris Proctor
Paulo Blikstein
Emma Brown
Jacob Wolf
Jenny Han
Will Chau
Krates Ng
Diana Ibarra
Jonathan Pang
Diana Garcia



Support provided by the Independent Schools Foundation Academy and the Lemann Foundation.



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