Cultural Making In Brazil

Project Dates: 2020-Present

The TLTL ‘Cultural Making’ initiative focuses on and prioritizes the discovery of cultural differences within maker activities in different countries and regions. As part of this initiative, the TLTL has begun a research project in Brazil to document, systematize and reflect on the different forms of Brazilian “making” and how it can be mobilized in education. Traditionally marginalized communities, such as quilombolas (Afro-Brazilian communities), rural and indigenous populations, and residents in regions that are poorly represented in the media and in the national imagination are prioritized.  “Making” practices in these communities and how those practices represent ways of thinking, acting, building, and their implications for the creation and dissemination of local knowledge are a focus.


Paulo Blikstein

Jose Valente (UNICAMP)

Livia Macedo



Funding is provided by the Lemann Foundation



For more information, please contact Paulo Blikstein (