FabLearn Curriculum Development Training

STEM Teaching for the 21st Century: From Learning Targets to Curricular Units

This 5-day workshop provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of curriculum development and integration within makerspaces and educational fab labs. Using the FabLearn approach to maker education, the course deeply integrates theory and practice, addressing inquiry-driven, project-based learning in makerspaces and digital fabrication settings, as well as issues such as assessment and integration into broader school goals.

Over the course of the week, participants will develop a curriculum unit ready to implement in their school settings.

Who should attend:

Teachers, school leaders, and maker education facilitators interested in integrating maker education into their schools. Teams of educators/administrators are highly encouraged to attend together.

By the numbers:

Previous trainings: 4 (December 2017, April 2018, July 2018, September 2019)
Total participants: 69
Participating organizations: 21
Participant places of origin: 4 (Brazil, Hong Kong SAR, Saudi Arabia)


For more information, please visit the FabLearn Training website and contact us at info@fablearn.net.

List of Training Modules

Theory and Pedagogy

History of technological innovation in education and overview of FabLearn

Constructivism, Constructionism and Papert; The role of technology and constructionism in curriculum design

STEM education: Modern approaches

STEM education: New opportunities

STEM education: application of computer modeling, experimentation, and hybrid techniques

Schools Visits and Observations

School Observations

Video Observation

Observation Debrief

Curriculum Design

Science Curriculum Standards and the FabLearn Curriculum Framework

Modern curriculum design techniques: Backwards Design

Designing project-based learning for success (or failure)

New Roles of Teachers and Students: Using Technology in the Curriculum

Hands-on Sessions

Student-view of a project: hands-on scientific inquiry task

Merging science, engineering and making within clear learning goals


Selecting the Right Maker Tools for your Lab

Children-Friendly Environments: Selecting Tools for Different Age Groups

Final Project

Development Studio

Final Presentations