Innokas Network


Dates: 2014 – present

Innokas Network is a community of Finnish teachers and school leaders who are interested in innovative approaches to STEM education, 21st Century Skills, and novel education research. Housed under the University of Helsinky Faculty of Educational Sciences, Innokas is an independent and non-profit organization, providing teacher preparation, in-service education, and teaching materials, as well as conducting educational research in collaboration with schools and other partners. Today over 600 Finnish schools participate in the Innokas Network and over 40,000 students, teachers, parents, learning technology companies, and other stakeholders from Finland have participated in Innokas activities.

In 2014, the TLTL began collaborating with Innokas Network under the FabLearn Labs (originally FabLab@School) project and to develop the Innokas FabLearn Lab in Espoo, Finland. Innokas has since become a mainstay in the FabLearn community: organizing FabLearn Finland in 2017, hosting study tours from the FabLab@SCHOOLdk community (maker educators and school leaders from Denmark), and helping organize the FabLearn Europe 2019 conference as part of the program committee.





Tiina Korhonen (University of Helsinki)

Kati Sormunen (University of Helsinki)


Photos from FabLearn Finland 2017