Eury Hong

Eury is a Masters student in Instructional and Media at Teachers College, Columbia University. She works as a research assistant in the TLT Lab. Her ultimate goal is to research and design constructionist computational learning to promote inclusive and equitable education. In particular, her interests include designing cultural-making practices in STEAM education, AI education, and AI-powered learning. She aspires to assess and revamp the learning experience with analytic AI. 

Before joining TLTL, she earned her B.A. in Media Arts and Sciences from Wellesley College and cross-registered at MIT. Her previous research in MIT and KAIST consists of Inclusive, Equitable, and Effective STEM Education, Community-focused Project Based Learning (PBL), Redesigning AI education instructional material, Devising storytelling AI textbooks for K-12, and investigating AI (ex. DCGAN, CNN, RNN, emotional AI, etc) for education purposes.