José Armando Valente

José Armando Valente is a retired Professor from the Multimedia Department of the Art Institute at the State University of Campinas (Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP) in Brazil, where he was teaching graduate and undergraduate students on topics related to the use of digital technology in education. He was co-founder and currently collaborator at the Nucleus of Informatics Applied to Education, (Núcleo de Informática Aplicada à Educação – NIED) which has been instrumental in the advancement of technology in the Brazilian educational system for almost 40 years. Valente earned a M.S. degree in Computer Science at UNICAMP, a M.S. in the Interdisciplinary Science and Education Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a PhD from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Division for Study and Research in Education, at MIT. As a doctoral student, he had Seymour Papert as his advisor, and he used Logo with cerebral palsied children as a means to understand their intellectual development and to help them to acquire new academic knowledge. Currently he is interested in the development of maker education and of embodied-based environments for education purposes.