Leah Rosenbaum

Leah is an Associate Research Scientist in the TLT Lab. She earned her BA in Mathematics from Scripps College and her PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development from the University of California, Berkeley, where she her dissertation explored collaborative, body-scale game play as a resource for learning geometry and spatial reasoning. She currently leads the lab’s NSF AISL-funded collaboration with the New York Hall of Science to offer and study informal, community-based data science learning with middle schoolers. She also works on the A2S and Knowledge in New Pieces projects as well as the Thai Constructionism and Beyond Bits and Atoms book projects. She runs a weekly writing group as well (new members always welcome!). Outside of the TLT Lab, she works with STEAM Milwaukee, a materials lending library and professional development hub that works to equip teachers with the tools and skills to offer their students in-class, hands-on learning experiences every day. To learn more or for any questions about her work, please email leah@tltlab.org.