Paola Ricci

Paola Ricci is an educator, mother, nature lover, passionate about constructionist learning that brings play, joy and meaningful learning to learners of all ages. She has recently joined the TLTL at Teachers College – Columbia University as a Research Fellow and Education Consultant. She was a part of the founding faculty at Avenues The World School in São Paulo where she worked for 4 years as a Creative Learning Teacher for the Primary Division as well as Project Learning Guide supporting teachers in the development of project-based learning. She is also a collaborator and co-founder of Instituto Catalisador, Brazilian non-profit focused on catalyzing transformative constructionist learning in public schools.  She holds a masters from Teachers College, Columbia University, in Instructional Technology and Media, attended the program in Childhood, Education and Social Development at Instituto Singularidades and majored in the School of the Environment at McGill University, Canadá.