Paulo Blikstein

Associate Professor
Lab Director

Paulo Blikstein is an Associate Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University and Affiliate Associate Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. He directs the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab and the global FabLearn Program conducting research that focuses on how new technologies can deeply transform the learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. He creates and researches cutting-edge educational technologies, such as computer modeling, robotics, digital fabrication, and rapid prototyping, creating hands-on learning environments in which children learn STEM disciplines by building sophisticated projects and devices. He also focuses on the application of data-mining and machine learning for the assessment of hands-on, project-based learning. Blikstein was a pioneer in bringing the maker movement to schools, and started the first educational program around digital fabrication in schools, FabLearn Labs (formerly FabLab@School). His group has built advanced digital fabrication labs and has conducted research in middle and high schools in the US, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Finland, Brazil, Denmark, and Thailand.

Paulo was also the Founder and Principal Investigator of the Lemann Center for Brazilian Education at Stanford, a 10-year initiative to transform public education in Brazil. A recipient of the National Science Foundation Early Career Award, and the AERA Jan Hawkins Early Career Award, he holds a PhD. from Northwestern University and an MSc. from the MIT Media Lab.