Roy Pea

Roy is the David Jacks Professor of Education & the Learning Sciences at Stanford University, Director of Stanford’s H-STAR Institute, Founder & Director of Stanford’s PhD program in Learning Sciences and Technology Design, and Co-Director of the NSF-funded LIFE Center. The LIFE Center seeks to develop and test principles about the social foundations of human learning in informal and formal environments with the goal of enhancing human learning from infancy to adulthood. Roy publishes widely on K–12 learning and education, especially in science, mathematics, and technology, fostered by advanced technologies including scientific visualization, online communities, digital video collaboratories, and mobile computing. He is co-author of the 2010 National Education Technology Plan for the US Department of Education, co-editor of Video Research in the Learning Sciences (2007), and co-author of the National Academy of Sciences book How People Learn (2000). He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Education, Association for Psychological Science, and the American Educational Research Association. In 2004-2005, Roy was President of the International Society for the Learning Sciences. Roy also served from 1999-2009 as a Co-Founder and Director for Teachscape, a teacher professional development services company. Roy holds five patents, establishing innovations in interactive and panoramic video, and mobile learning. He is a co-founding Director of, which is transforming the way people capture and share video on the web by creating cameras that see the world around them and a web platform to let people share these experiences. Roy also serves as an advisor to several other companies.

Website: Roy Pea