Simulation/Computing Tools



Leveraging cloud computation to enable interactive remote experimentation in biology laboratories for ultra low cost.

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Bifocal Modeling

Inquiry-driven learning that challenges students to experience a scientific phenomenon through two lenses in parallel – a real experiment and a model.

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Multimodal Learning Analytics

Combining multimodal computational tools with theoretically grounded research to study how students learn in complex, hands-on learning environments.

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Computer Science Education

Unfold Studio

Unfold Studio is an online community for interactive storytelling powered by a programming language called Ink. Interactive storytelling brings together the power of programming with the ability of stories to represent and explore our lived realities.

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Project Bloks

Project Bloks was a research program aiming to create a hardware platform to help developers, designers and researchers build the next generation of tangible programming experiences for kids.

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Pre-College Computer Education: A Survey of the Field

An examination of how children engage with computer science education and improvements that could lead to more equitable opportunities in schools.

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Maker Education

FabLearn Map


FabLearn is a program that disseminates ideas, best practices and resources to support an international community of educators, researchers and policy makers committed to integrating the principles of educational makerspaces and constructionist learning into formal and informal K-12 education.

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GoGo Board boxing glove controllers

GoGo Board

The GoGo board is a low-cost open-source hardware device for educational robotics, scientific experiments, and environmental sensing. Children can use the board to construct robots, measure and log environmental data, conduct scientific investigations, create game controllers, build interactive art installations, and much more.

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